The Ultimate Sleep Guide for Those
Who Are Tired of Being Tired

Innovative and Revolutionary Techniques So You Can Finally Get Some Z’s

Are you struggling to fall asleep, even though you are tired and really need some rest?

Is it tough to lay in bed and not be able to sleep, while knowing your lack of rest is going to make tomorrow miserable? I feel your pain.

I was you. I couldn’t sleep. I would get frustrated to the point of tears. I tried all different methods, routines and supplements and the only thing I got out of it is more frustration and anxiety.

That was, until I developed new techniques for falling asleep. Those techniques helped me go from not being able to sleep to being that person I used to hate – the one who can fall asleep right when they hit the sheets. And today, I want you to have them too!

If you are are someone who wants to fall asleep quicker and easier, feels frustrated by sleep programs and supplements that don’t work, or struggles with racing thoughts at night, don’t give up. Your current sleeping problems don’t have to become life-long barriers to getting quality sleep.

Does this sound like you?

  • Having trouble sleeping, getting to sleep or staying asleep?
  • Are you tired of being tired?
  • Are you frustrated, sleep deprived and miserable?
  • Do you find yourself unable to sleep due to racing thoughts or stress?
  • Have you tried all of the generic advice on the internet?
  • Does your lack of sleep affect other areas of your life?
  • Are you smart, driven and in control of your life but for some reason sleep is a strange exception?

If yes…then you are in the right place!

You can learn to sleep well!

Want to finally get to the bottom of your poor sleeping habits? Want to solve them once and for all without supplements or long, unhelpful nighttime routines? Want to actually get sleep with innovative, proven methods that work?

It is possible for you to get the sleep you need and to find a routine that works. However, you will need to change some of your current habits and develop new ones. Breaking the cycle of bad habits can be difficult because we become comfortable in our habits even if they aren’t productive or good for us. However, you’re stoping yourself from getting quality sleep and creating suffering when you continue those bad habits.

With “gnite” you’ll find a compassionate, straight-forward approach with BS-free information that will help you get the sleep you need, by ditching bad habits and creating life-long changes that will help you fall asleep faster and ditch bad sleeping habits.

In this guide you will learn:

  • What is currently stopping you from sleeping.
  • Actionable advice that will help you get the sleep you want and need.
  • How to create a sleep routine that works.
  • New habits that will help you get to sleep quick.
  • How to stop racing thoughts before sleep.
  • Techniques backed by emotional intelligence (EQ) to help you reclaim and develop a better relationships with sleep.
  • Skills and techniques I used to go from sleepless to restful nights.
  • Revolutionary and unique techniques I created to get to sleep.
  • How I changed my mentality towards sleep so I could remove pressure and fall asleep faster.

Not only will your sleep get better so will your mood and your energy. Besides reading the guide all you need to do is follow the tips and incorporate the new habits into your life. Nothing to buy, no drugs or supplements, this is a natural, healthy, organic, long-lasting sleeping solution.

About Lyndsey

Hi! I’m Lyndsey, the creator and founder of EQNow and I know first hand what it’s like to not be able to sleep. At one point in my life sleep was a major issue for me. It was horrible. I was working out and eating healthy but I couldn’t sleep. I knew I needed sleep to build the muscle I wanted so there was added stress and pressure. I would drink to be tired. Which would make me upset because the empty calories were taking away from my workout goals.

“I’ve spent many, many years to get to where I am today. I don’t want you to have to spend that much time struggling with sleep!

I eventually found a 3 hour sleep routine that worked. Glass of wine > smoke some pot > take a bath with oils while listening to classical music. It was unrealistic and too time consuming. And if I got to sleep, well I would just hope I didn’t have a nightmare or wake up in sweats. It was a mess and negatively effected every aspect of my life. I was stressed, my relationships suffered and I wasn’t enjoying life the way I had before. I was always tired but didn’t want to take a nap because I then wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. So there I was, stuck.

That was until I came up with creative techniques to help me sleep. I was able to ditch the 3 hour routine and fall asleep quick. Friends and colleagues started asking me what I was doing. And after successfully helping others with my techniques I decided to make them more widely available. That is how “gnite” came to be. I am excited to show you the techniques that have helped me so you can help yourself and get some Z’s.

What You’ll Receive.

With the sleep guide you will receive techniques like the “Sleep ‘if’ Chart” below. These techniques are designed to help you remove pressure and finally get the sleep you need and deserve! All of the techniques are backed by emotional intelligence and not only will they help you sleep, they may encourage healthy habits in other areas of your life as well!

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