“You Think I’m What?!” 5 Steps to Effectively Handling Feedback

“Don’t get defensive,” my manger tells me. “I am not getting defensive,” I say in response. (Which is exactly what someone who was getting defensive would say!) The circumstance was my employee review. At the time I was a contracts manager and I worked closely with sales. An anonymous sales lead said they would likeContinue reading ““You Think I’m What?!” 5 Steps to Effectively Handling Feedback”

The Future of Self-Care is Here!

In this post we are going to discuss the importance of emotional intelligence and explain how it is the core of self-care, improvement and success. You’re here for a reason. Maybe you are looking for general self-improvement tips or you have a particular goal in mind. Whatever the case, welcome! Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is theContinue reading “The Future of Self-Care is Here!”

“Schadenfreude” and Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

This article is using a popular topic in our society (politics) to teach emotional intelligence. We explore hypocrisy in culturally accepted norms (karma), and how the media can influence how we feel about ourselves and the world around us.

Guide to Learning and Improving Emotional Intelligence

A guide to learning and improving emotional intelligence for anyone just getting started or looking for a refresher.

Innovative Techniques for Learning Emotional Intelligence

We need to remind ourselves that what people say is what they think (unless they are speaking proven facts) and that we have the ability to reject their statements.