When people read my story I want them leave with a feeling that anything is possible with some hope, perseverance, thought and habit changes. My life has been a series of difficult events and I could list them here but I don’t want to because I don’t want you to see me from that lens.

I list them below so I can have some street cred. Skip to them now.

I would love for you to see me as a human being who knows what it’s like to go through some very dark days. Someone who made their own light and lit their own way out of the darkness. Someone who now wants to dedicate their life to helping others.

The satisfaction I receive from helping others is incredible. I’ve received thanks from several people and every time I cry. I am just so pleased to be of service to others and to help them. At one point I was nervous to put myself in this position I didn’t want to lose myself or become codependant. As a child I was bullied and tormented for being creative so sharing my passion for writing with others is a big step for me. I want you to have those steps too! I went so far as to read a book on social services to make sure I was equipped to do this!

With my writing and this site I wanted to bring a lightheartedness to serious topics to help those who feel like they have tried everything or those who are just getting started. There is a lot of misinformation in the self-care and betterment industry and I’ve seen some pretty bad advice. I’ve also seen some snakes that try and make people think they need to buy things to make their betterment process work.

My goal is to make this process as simple as I can so you can achieve your goals and succeed. All of the advice I give is advice that I have used. Some techniques have not worked for me but may work for others so I include them too.

Some more about me: I am an INFJ. An introspective, introvert. I have natural resiliency and I am also naturally empathic. I have a certain kind of style and came come with a bit of an edge.

I have some pretty strong opinions about a few topics:

  • Everyone should be seen as a “being”. Their essence and energy. What energy they bring to the world.
  • Everyone is inherently good even though they may not be showing their best self to the world.

I don’t believe in reducing people to their experiences. However, I understand that it’s helpful to know what others have experiences to relate. I feel like sharing what I’ve overcome also makes me look totally bad ass. So while you read remember that I went though all of this and still walk around thinking that people for the most part are good, life can be wonderful and with a smile on my face! Even if your experience hasn’t been as extreme as mine you may still feel as horrible as I have felt and you deserve to feel good. Let me help!

When I was 14 years old I had to learn how to walk again after having brain surgery for an AVM rupture. AVMs are a rare disease. After surgery my neurologist told me I went though the worst pain a human could feel, a pain worse than childbirth, and I will never have to go through that pain ever again.

At the age of 20 I left my fathers home and have not spoken to him since. It was after he broke down the door of a room I was hiding in, attacked me and choked me until I couldn’t breath. He told me the next time he would kill me. This was the cap of a childhood and adolescent of disfunction, physical and mental abuse.

At 21 I was the first person in my family to graduate college. The baby of the family, I worked full-time to finance my education.

By my 30s I was making 6-figures at a fortune 500 hundred and I was miserable. I left and started my own consulting business. I also started this website here!

Some other facts about me that surprises people:

At one point in my life I was getting into trouble with the law. I was headed for jail until an attorney saw the best in me and his faith in me helped me turn my life around. I just got teary eyed with gratitude while writing this paragraph. Luke is a very big reason I am who I am today and also why I love helping others – i can see the profound impact one person believing n another can make!

I used to be a workaholic and would just focus on work all the time. All i did was work and drink and sleep.

I have depression, c-ptsd and anxiety. Anxiety so bad I’ve had a psychologist say she was in shock i was even functioning. I told her there was no other option but to proceed forward so that’s what I do.

  • Brain surgery & learning how to walk again
  • 20 years of physical and emotional abuse
  • Working full-time to finance my education
  • Surviving an attempted murder
  • c-PTSD, depression and anxiety

When it comes to emotional intelligence (EQ) a lot of people talk about the career benefits. However EQ is a skill that can help you success in all aspects of your life including school, work, hobbies, sports and achieving goals. EQnow is founded on making this amazing, life changing skill accessible and learnable to all.

EQ is the main determinant of success. Studies are just finding it out but we could have told you this years ago.

EQnow is creating an environment with innovative, relatable and actionable techniques to teach Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for self-help and betterment.

EQnow’s Mission: Empowering others by helping them increase their emotional intelligence.

EQnow was created to help others increase their emotional intelligence in a comfortable environment. We use a friendly, straight forward approach to describe concepts that can sometimes be downright confusing.

Building EQ is tough, but not impossible, and definitely worth it! EQnow is here to help you build EQ by using innovative techniques and encouragement.

You can start here to get to know our site and read articles.

About the author:

Hiya, 👋

I’m Lyndsey, creator of EQnow.

I believe people want to have happier and more fulfilling lives but they don’t know where to begin. So I try and help through writing and teaching. EQnow is dedicated to teaching the most valuable human skill, emotional intelligence (EQ). For anyone interested in learning EQ to improve their life no matter where they are on their journey.

EQ isn’t just for work and I want to show people that by example, with stories of my life and how I overcame obstacles as well as with actionable items —in a comfortable and relatable environment.

EQnow is the result of over a decade of research, work and study of emotional intelligence. Like most others my life has been a series of obstacles and achievements. I credit my achievements and my success in overcoming obstacles to continually increasing my emotional intelligence.

I know how tough it can be to build EQ and I want to share what I’ve learned in order to help you grow and overcome obstacles in your life. EQnow is a place for you to learn and grow and live your best life. I want you to feel supported, validated and not alone.

Feedback helps me be the best I can be so please comment, like, share or send friendly suggestions and constructive criticism.

More about me:

  • Brain surgery & learning how to walk again
  • 20 years of physical and emotional abuse
  • Working full-time to finance my education
  • Surviving an attempted murder
  • c-PTSD, depression and anxiety
  • First generation college graduate
  • Maintaining a 40lb weight loss
  • Overcoming c-PTSD, depression and anxiety
  • Making six figures by the time I was 30 without an advance degree
  • Finding self-love and confidence
  • Deadlifting over my bodyweight
  • Staring my own company
  • Sharing my writing with the world
  • Connecting with others and never giving up on finding valuable relationships
  • Helping others find fulfillment and find value in their lives
  • Letting go of bad behaviors
  • Standing up for myself and learning my worth
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