🍓 Snack of the Week: Control

25 Nov. 2020 – 1 Dec. 2020

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If your mind were a kitchen, and your thoughts were the ingredients, what kind of dishes would you be serving: Stale anxiety bread, moldy depression marmalade, success soup, award-winning, awareness confit? 

Life is about how we see things. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Thought Kitchen focuses on helping you establish beneficial thought processes while ditching negative or limiting thought patterns that hinder you from being happy or achieving goals.

A cross between metaphor and simile, Thought Kitchen is self-help like never before. Featuring vivid descriptions, practical strategies and actionable advice to help you finally get the results you are looking for and the life you’ll love. 

Expected Spring 2021

Hiya, I’m Lyndsey.

Some would say I am living my best life. I want you to live yours too! I take serious topics and I write about them in a fun and accessible way (with actionable advice) to help you increase your quality of life. Learn more about me and how I got here.

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